Example: Wound Care & Static Splint

For 2 weeks we provided sterile redressing and edema control after a fasciotomy post compression syndrome.
The Static Splint

A custom splint provided the correct support for the acute stage of healing, removed stress from the forearm flexors and placed the lumbricals in a position of their best mechanical advantage.

Graft Care

The patient had gotten his dressing wet and an open area formed at the proximal graft.

Careful wound care ensured excellent graft closure.
Scar management after the wound has healed.
An otoform scar conformer was used in conjunction with scar remodeling techniques.
Stage-specific therapy

After his wound was closed, the patient was provided graded functional tasks and work simulation.

Mr. D was not only able to return to his job at a quarry but was promoted to a supervisor!


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